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Marriage Fellowship – May 2018


As always, we were blessed at our last Marriage Fellowship with great food, fellowship, and an enriching time in the Word. Here’s a group picture we took at the end of the night (missing Gloria and Johann) and below is the study and link to the notes if you’d like to take some time to invest in your marriage. Pray about joining next time (Saturday, June 9, at 6PM).


Click here for the PDF File Marriage Fellowship – May 2018 – Student


Israel – 2018

Our Israel trip was an absolutely amazing experience. It was a trip full of many highlights, and one of the best parts of the trip was getting to go on this spiritual journey with so many in our church family. Having 35 pilgrims is a testament to the work that God is doing through His Word at CCEM, we all went asking the Lord to change us! Our group had a few Israel veterans, but for the most part, it was a bunch of first-timers. Yet it didn’t matter, we were all walking around pinching ourselves saying, “We’re in Israel!!!”

I wish you could have seen the look on everyone’s faces as we stood on the grounds we’ve heard and read about in the Bible. We can tell you about the heavy presence of God in the Garden of Gethsemane, the thrill of walking in the knee-high waters of Hezekiah’s tunnels, or the awe of seeing Masada. We can share what a privilege it was to sail and even swim in the Sea of Galilee, or the honor of being baptized in the Jordan river, the fact that upon walking up to Calvary, (Golgotha) it started pouring rain, even hailing. I’m sure some might even share with you that as we were taking communion at the Garden Tomb, the Muslim call to prayer came soaring through the loudspeakers but we worshiped and prayed right through it – and then it was gone!

None of us will ever forget the experience of visiting the Holy Land. We will never again read or hear a Bible study the same way. As a group, we share these sentiments not to rub it in and say “You should have been there,” but with the hopes that our trip would excite you to go, and invite you to pray. We want you to experience what we did and more.


From your brother Henry and the Israel Bunch – 2018

Manny’s iPhone automatically put together a video from the trip, so here’s a little look at the trip of a lifetime. Pray about joining us in 2020!