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Jesus Revolution Movie

The film Jesus Revolution is based on the Jesus Movement that took place in California and beyond in the late 1960s. It’s not a picture, but it is a portrait. Not only does this film discuss the Jesus Movement, but it touches on how Calvary Chapel started and how Pastor/Evangelist Greg Laurie and his wife Cathe came to Christ. It’s rare when an entertainment company such as Liongates takes a Christian movie under its wings. This just shows how God is working to minister to those who have not heard his name.

As a church, Calvary Chapel El Monte invited its congregation to watch the film at the AMC Santa Anita 16. It was a blessing being at the theater and running into fellow sisters and brothers in Christ; it was a time of fun, fellowship, and enhanced unity. The movie didn’t shy away from tough issues, such as how addicting and damaging drugs can be, how the hippies felts so lost during those times, and even how churches closed their doors to those who needed God the most. Thank God for His sovereign grace, and the courage of Pastor Chuck Smith to open his doors to barefoot, long-haired, hurting hippies. This movie reminds us of those Biblical truths, that there is a living God, who loves you and calls you to come to Him, be saved, and allow Him to change you from the inside out.

Pastor Manny had this to say, “We all know there’s an infinite difference between the message of a movie and the message of God’s Word. The Bible is flawless truth and is authoritative to the Christian, but what a blessing to have movies that in an artistic fashion are able to communicate the love of God and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. And what a blessing to see this message available in the public arena (Marketplace – Acts 17:17 and Areopagus – Acts 17:19). Many people have been saved and recommitted their lives to Christ as a result of this movie. Praise God! I would have liked to see much more of the Calvary Chapel story, but this is a glimpse of a wonderful part of it. If you haven’t seen the movie, I do encourage you to check it out.”