Awana Ministry

What is AWANA Ministry at Calvary Chapel El Monte?

At Calvary Chapel El Monte we are blessed and grateful to have an AWANA Ministry Sunday’s at 5PM. AWANA is a club for children to have fund while learning about discipleship in Christ. You might be wondering about the word AWANA, what does it mean or stand for? It’s actually an acronym for “Approved, Workman, Are Not Ashamed,” based on 2 Timothy 2:15, “Be diligent to present yourself approved to God, a worker who does not need to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.” It’s amazing that at a young age the children are learning to work hard and not to be ashamed of God’s word!

How did the AWANA Ministry start at Calvary Chapel El Monte?

Pastor Richard and his Veronica, were called to start an Awana program in Calvary Chapel El Monte back in September 2018. Recently we were able to see with our own eyes, the love and passion that this ministry has for God’s children. We were blessed and humbled by the experience just watching this club in action, the Overseers and many servants who serve in this ministry to ensure the children are taught the word of God.

Why should your child join the AWANA Club?

We were able to ask two parents about why they would recommend this program to other parents. Hearing from other parents and why they believe the AWANA club is good for their kids might shine a light on this subject. In the AWANA club, your child is surrounded by God’s love and his word.

We were able to interview Stephanie Saladana and Marie Gayton, two God-fearing women and mothers that have their kids in the AWANA club, or had their kids in the AWANA club and now serving as servants for the AWANA Ministry. I asked three important questions, “Why AWANA for your Kids,” “What changes did you notice in your children when AWANA became apart of their lives,” and “What would you tell other parents about AWANA?”

Stephanie Saladana

Why AWANA for your Kids?

Because we like the idea of them being able to come to a program that just doesn’t help them but also allows my kids to interact others in the faith. This program helps them to apply the word, have a deeper relationship with the Lord, and study the word. Something my husband and I never had as children. We want to make sure we’re doing our job to raise them in the Lord. 

What changes did you notice in your children when AWANA became a part of their lives?

Excitement about learning the word. It has become something more than coming to Awana. Something to memorize and to apply the word. God is speaking to the children and spedning that time with the Lord. Becoming more aware of the word and recognizing it. 

What would you tell other parents about AWANA?

We have a responsibility to train our children in God’s way. We should take that responsibility if there’s an opportunity to learn from God’s word. The opportunity to take advantage of pouring into them. God gives us a promise as parents that if we train them up in his ways the kids won’t depart from it. (Proverbs 22:6)

Marie Gayton

Why AWANA for your Kids?

It was a good time for them to fellowship and to reinforce what we were teaching them.  Encourage the kids to memorize scripture. 

What changes did you notice in your children when AWANA became apart of their lives?

Wanting to be here at Awana. When their little and you have to drag them to Awana and the best part is when they start dragging you as a parent. 

What would you tell other parents about AWANA?

It’s totally worth the effort to bringing them to AWANA’s. Even after a long sunday it’s totally worth it.

The Beauty of how God works in the AWANA Ministry

It’s beautiful and even stunning to witness how the Lord has been using AWANA. Not only is this program helping the children to learn discipleship in Christ but it’s also allowing them to be part of an Awana family. Pictures can tell a story and each picture posted here tells the story of God’s grace. God works in each and every one of us to share the gospel and to tell God’s truth. It’s important to teach our future generation. These kids not only learn the word but are embraced by God’s love for them. Behind the scenes of Awana, there’s a lot of work that goes on and it’s absolutely astonishing how each servant and child represent a puzzle piece that fits perfectly together. The Awana program isn’t just another program but one that stays true to God’s word and a family that cares for each and every child of God. 

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