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“God With Us,” by Bryan and Katie Torwalt

“God with us, God for us, nothing can come against, no one can stand between us.” This song is based on Romans 8:31 and 1 Samuel 2:6-10. How comforting it is to know that the merciful, faithful, and loving God is always with us. When we were dead, He gave us life. When we were sick, He healed. He lifted us up and brought us closer to Him. 

He is God El Roi, the God who sees. He died for us; why wouldn’t we live for Him? “For eternity, we will sing of all You’ve done.” 
Pray you are encouraged as you listen to this song. God bless you. 
Your sister in Christ,

Click on the link below to hear the song. 

“Prove Yourself a Man” Men’s fellowship

What an amazing start we had to our “Prove Yourself a Man” Men’s fellowship, based on King David’s last words to his son Solomon. (1 Kings 2:2-4) We spent some time in worship, we heard a panel study on the importance of God’s Word in our lives, and then got into small groups for discussion.  We ended the night with some good food and fellowship.

All that to say, come and join us on Wednesday nights, at 7PM as we get together with the the men of the church, fellowship and break bread together.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at or call us at (626) 454-3414.